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Pre Start Funding

Your best port of call for a pre-start social enterprise are either Firstport or Scotland Unltd. Both of these organisations work with individuals with a great idea.

First Port will give up to £5k and Unltd up to £4k

After you have been trading for a while, both these organisations have larger funds to help your project develop to the next stage.

Grants and Funding

There are several tools that you can use to search for funding that may be available to you.

Fife Council has teamed up with SCVO’s Funding Scotland to provide an advanced on-line funding search to help you find funding for your social enterprise.

Fife Voluntary Action have a dedicated page for searching for grants.

Funding Scotland has a free online search engine (registration required) which will let you find everything from small grants to funding for big capital projects.

Other funding bodies worth checking are

Awards for All is a great lottery fund that is designed for smaller, newer organisations,

The Community Fund also have bigger pots of funding for organisations who wish to grow.

Funding Guidelines and main funders links – download here

Writing a funding Application

As well as the guidelines above, there is plenty of other good advice available on the internet. Two I found are:

Social Investment Scotland (SIS)

A social enterprise and charity. They offer loan funding and business support for other social enterprises, charities and community groups looking to make a positive impact on people’s lives, society or the environment. Their funding seeks to support organisations create greater, more sustainable social impact in the communities that they serve. Since they started in 2001, they have invested £70 million in over 350 organisations across Scotland. A Powerpoint presentation on their services is available to view HERE