Who are FSEN

Who are we

Fife Social Enterprise Network (FSEN) is an independent, non-profit membership organisation which promotes, supports and represents social enterprises in Fife.

We are FREE to join and are the only social enterprise network to serve the businesses of Fife. The network was launched in 2004 with the backing of social enterprises in the area. Since then, the network has grown and established connections with local institutions and presence on various social media. With the support of Fife Council, Business Gateway Fife, Fife Economy Partnership and SENSCOT, FSEN are becoming involved at a strategic level with the government to represent the needs and views of members.


FSEN’s goal is to help and support any existing and emerging social enterprises based or operating in Fife. We aim to help them flourish by providing resources, promotion, networking, business support and representation of our members at a national level.

Social enterprises in Fife

According to our own research conducted in 2019, there are over 300 Social Enterprises within Fife.

Social Enterprises Today

With less and less funding available for charities and voluntary groups, Social Enterprise is crucial for filling this gap. Businesses that are run with profit in mind but those profits being spent helping communities, vulnerable groups and generally making the world a better place. If every business was a SE – imagine the world we would live in? Let’s stop helping the fat cats line their own pockets and start supporting businesses that are for the common good.

What we do

FSEN provides networking and marketing opportunities for the social enterprise community, up-to-date information on grants and funding and other issues affecting social enterprises in Fife, and a platform for members to engage with institutions and decision-makers on relevant issues. We also hold 3 network meetings a year where we have cake, coffee and some great (and relevant!) speakers. They’re very relaxed and informal and never boring (promise) so come along and join us at the next meeting. To become a member, click here.

To find out more about our services and what we can do to assist your business, please contact our team.

Supporting Organisations

The FSEN would not exist without the support of the following organisations.