FSEN Feb 2019 meeting report

Thank you to those of you that made it along to the FSEN meeting last week. Another packed event in terms of people and content! It was great to hear about everyone’s projects in more detail and I learnt a few things myself! Too much to do a synopsis of the whole meeting but a few points below for those that didn’t make it.

I know there were many outcomes and loads of networking going on – if you wouldn’t mind sending me a line or two about any of these, it would be appreciated. Like all of you with your projects – if I can measure the success of the meetings, I’ve got more chance of keeping them going!

Innovation Workshop – 6/3/19

You can improve productivity and efficiency in your business through Workplace Innovation – change driven by people to develop new and improved ways of working. At this interactive workshop on creating the right working environment through Place, we will look at how you can:

The workshops are practical in nature and at the end you will have at least 1 action/idea you can take away and develop in your own business. These workshops are suitable for Social Enterprise leaders within growing businesses in Scotland who are presently dealing with issues around the above topics such as leadership, staff engagement and culture.


FREE workshop

Could you improve the way you work?

Jean Ferguson is turning her long experience in Lean-thinking to work in the third sector. She is offering three FREE pilot workshops in March/April. The workshop is for you and your team at your premises and will last 3 hours. Together we will explore how to think about the value you deliver and how “stuff” gets in the way of that. We will come up with some actions to help the way you work deliver more value. In return Jean would like your feedback on the usefulness of this approach, and permission to use the workshop as a case study. To apply, please contact jean@fergs.net briefly explaining what you do and the biggest problems you face.

SIS Retail Academy

Social Investment Scotland are organising their 3rd Retail Academy. They will have a range of buyers attending (in addition to Asda buyers, there will be Dobbies Garden Centre, Food and Drink buyers but willing to send others depending on the social enterprises attending), and they are currently talking to corporate buyers (gifts/ catering), tourism, heritage and hospitality sectors. Their aspiration is for some of the participants at the academy to secure shelf space or ongoing connection with buyers, but equally important will be gaining insight in to how buyers and business at this scale think and operate – and to find inspiration and ideas for their future development.

All the application info is on their website http://www.socialinvestmentscotland.com/support/sis-retail-academy-2019/  (very short online application). I’ve also attached the guidance pack as a pdf in case that’s helpful.

Shop Social

We all buy presents from time to time so why not support your fellow SE’s and buy from: https://www.shopsocialscotland.com/ – it’s worth having a look at the site anyway to see what great things are been done in Scotland!

If you have products / services you’d like to get on the site, email Theresa@socialinvestmentscotland.com

School for Social Entrepreneurs

Don’t miss your chance to get on the next SSE Programme! Are you committed to helping people in need or improving the environment?

This programme has helped almost 2,000 people like you to start up and scale social enterprises, charities, community projects and impact-led organisations. This year, we’ll support a further 260 people across the UK with:

 A learning programme; A grant (£1,000 – £7,000) ; Mentoring ; A supportive community

There is no cost to you at any point.

More info HERE or find out about the taster session HERE

 Information Service

Don’t forget to contact the BG Info Service if you need any market research. They have an incredible amount of resources available to you. For more info click HERE or email Liesel.Hill-McManus@scotent.co.uk

 National Lottery Community Funding

It was great to have Evelyn come and tell us more about how the funding works. The 2 main things to remember are:

1)      The average success rate is 40%

2)      It is ALWAYS best to phone and speak to the team first so they can get a feel for your project and tell you the most appropriate type of fund to go for.

 You can email them at  CentralScotland@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk  or call on 0300 1237110

 SE Map

This is the final version of the SE map which you may find useful. It has all the support organisations listed that you are entitled to use. https://www.ceis.org.uk/

That’s it for now! Look forward to catching up with you all at some point. You know where I am if you need me in the meantime,

Susan Oak

BRAG Enterprise