Expert Help for Social Enterprises in Fife

Business Gateway Fife have accessed additional funding to provide even more Expert Help support to Fife Businesses.

As such, if any Fife Businesses who is generally looking to kick start a project or could benefit from help to resolve an issue which is restricting their growth is eligible to access the Expert Help Programme.

If eligible you can access fully or partly funded consultancy support from an industry expert in areas such as:-

• Sales or Marketing Development

• Accountancy and Finance Issues

• Digital Marketing & Social Media

• IT and software issues

• Legal Issues

• HR and Employee Development

• Environmental developments

More information can be found :-

Discover how some local businesses have benefited from Expert Help so far –

And don’t forget, funding is also available for Fife Businesses in the form of the ‘Trade Development Grant’, the ‘Workforce Upskilling Grant’ and the ‘Manufacturing Resilience Programme – for more details just get in touch with Sue at BRAG Enterprises or Graeme Ferguson at Fife Council.