Workplace Innovation Workshop

Programme Overview

Just a 5% increase in productivity would add £6.4 billion to the Scottish Economy! One of the major ways to improve productivity and efficiency in your business is through Workplace Innovation, which is change driven by people to develop new, improved ways of working.  In our workshops, in partnership with Fife Business Gateway we look at this through three themes of People, Place and Practice.

Our Workshops

People – what it means to have an engaged workforce and the benefits this will this bring to your business. We also look at how effective communication and how development of staff can bring positive change.  Exercises we use to explore this includes a brief into to what your work personality is; and innovative ways to develop your employees, introducing the 70/20/10 concept.

Place – what culture you want your organisation to have and how your physical and virtual workspace can help. Exercises we use to explore this includes visuals of what other companies have done with their space, and discussions around how working environments can affect how you work day to day. We also explore apps businesses are using which are having a huge impact on how they operate.

Practice – what workplace practices you can adopt to help foster creativity, productivity and growth Exercises we use to explore this includes the idea of psychological safety; and various time management tools you can employ such as the Eisenhower Box and the Pomodoro technique.

The workshops are practical in nature and at the end you will have at least 1 action you are going to take away and develop in your own business.

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