Strategy Scoping Paper published

Following the highly successful event ‘FSEN – The Way Forward’, we have published a Strategy Scoping Paper based on the feedback from social enterprises in Fife. The wide-ranging discussions took place at the workshops, thanks to the input from stakeholders in the local community: directors and managers of social businesses, social entrepreneurs, professionals in the third sector, and representatives from Fife Council, Dundee SEN, Senscot, the University of St Andrews and Fife Chamber of Commerce.

The paper outlines the consensus and recommendations of the stakeholders in the social enterprise community. It does not aim to provide technical details or step-by-step guidance to practical actions, but rather to give an overview of the session conducted, summarising the key actions advocated by the stakeholders. The paper first discusses the mounting issues of FSEN and the possible scope of actions. It then looks at FSEN’s role and outline the analysis of various types. The paper seeks to address to the following areas:

  • Key messages from guest speakers
  • SWOT and PEST analysis of the network
  • Achievements and challenges
  • Power Interest Grid for FSEN prioritisation
  • Future and 5-year plan
  • Key actions concluded

We have included our detailed response to the feedback in the Scoping Paper.

“There is a need for a strong digital presence for FSEN and for the network to serve as the first point of contact for social enterprises and entrepreneurs alike.”

— Members feedback

“The network needs to focus on increased communication and online presence. Those efforts will raise the profile of FSEN and its members.”

— Members feedback

“The subject of resource allocation is outside the FSEN grasp at the moment. It is essential that discussions start at a local level to clarify on how the future of the sector and most importantly of the support available for the social enterprises in Fife will be delivered…This is vital for the FSEN at a moment that the network is sitting at the table of the Edinburgh City Region Deal. This is a central point and unanimously agreed by the FSEN members as key for the success of the sector in Fife. There must be clarity of roles and partnerships at strategic level, and an understanding that social enterprises, including members of the FSEN, must have a say on the support structures available to them in order to influence national delivery and policy.”

— Strategy Scoping Paper

Please contact us if you wish to access the document.


On 13th June, FSEN organised a half-day workshop for social businesses and social entrepreneurs to discuss the future of FSEN. Special thanks to Bonnie Hacking from the University of St Andrews who facilitated the discussions and guest speakers: Derek Marshall from Factory Skatepark, Susan Smith from Dundee SEN and Kim Wallace from Senscot. More information about the event can be found from our earlier media release.