FSEN joins Santander Universities SME Internship Scheme

FSEN is proud to join the Santander Universities SME Internship Scheme.

This summer, two students/ graduates from the University of St Andrews will be joining FSEN’s team. They are Thompson Chau who graduated with an MA in Modern History and Philosophy, and Jennifer Richter who is a second year Social Anthropology and International Relations student. The two will work closely with our coordinator, Pedro Santos, to strengthen the work of FSEN.

Our involvement in the Internship Programme highlights our commitment to make use of local resources, including the vast pool of manpower from the University of St Andrews. We believe that a successful network is built on collaboration and partnership with educational institutions in Fife.

What is the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme?

Small businesses are key to economic recovery and contribute significantly to UK employment, but a lot of these businesses fail to attract talented graduates and may need to pay substantial costs if they try to do so.  Santander created this programme with partner universities in the UK to address both issues by providing funding for students and graduates who are keen to get relevant industry experience.