Social Enterprises Mentor Fife Primary School Kids

Fife Social Enterprise managers are supporting young social entrepreneurs from primary schools throughout Fife with the launch of 4 To Fortune in November 2016.

“4 to Fortune™” aims to enthuse young people in primary 6/7 to participate in a four week challenge starting on Monday 7th November, coinciding with Fife Business Week.

4 To Fortune is an enterprise initiative that challenges young people to create their own products/services, with teams being given an initial seed fund of £4 and being challenged to use their enterprise skills to build that fund as large as they can over the four week period.

All profits made through the challenge will stay with the school and in consultation with teachers the young people will decide how the money can be spent to support their local community.  Some may have a school improvement project, others a school charity but we hope to inspire young people to continue their challenge and use their profits to start a sustainable school social enterprise

The programme aims to develop young people’s communication, enterprise, creativity, team working and career skills.  No matter what career a young person wants to pursue having these skills is vital to becoming successful in their chosen field.

During the programme, young people will be inspired by bringing social enterprise mentors into the classroom so they can learn first-hand from social entrepreneurs about their journey as well as offering advice on developing their own enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Academy will also be on hand to support teachers and young people through the longer term challenge.  This will include a Dragon’s Den event in Feb 2017 and inclusion in the Social Enterprise Academy Awards.

We are looking for support from social entrepreneurs to be mentors to young people through the challenge. Ideally the business mentors will support schools at least twice through the challenge for approx. 1 hour however, any additional time would be greatly appreciated by the young people and their teachers If you are interested please email or